Why It’s Important to delete, un-follow and de-friend!

I dont know abut you but I have a love/hate relationship with Social Media. In some ways its great, keeping in touch with friends and family across the globe, sharing milestones etc with others, but it can also lead down another path of jealousy, comparison and negative feelings. I know how it feels to follow an inspiring Instagram account , each time I see a post I smile, it brings me joy, inspiration, feel good emotions. I also know what it likes to follow an account that brings negative feelings like jealousy, feeling inadequate, depressed, sorry for myself, anger – how can they have such a perfect life and afford all this nice stuff when I’m on struggle Street? It’s hard enough being on Struggle Street, let alone following unhealthy accounts, hanging out with negative people and watching programmes that bring up shitty feelings in comparison to their seemingly perfect life.

Un-friend online.

Un-friend in real life.


Turn off the TV.


You’ll thank me later.




For a start you can tune into your body and when you are scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook feed pay attention to the emotions that run through you and how your body feels. What posts bring a smile to your face? What posts make you jealous? Angry? depressed? inspired? Pay attention. As you become aware of these emotions think about how they serve you. Do you want to end up feeling depressed and jealous every time you scroll through Facebook? I sure dont.

Forget about FOMO. Forget about how famous they are. Forget about whether they are an acquaintance or a family member.




Turn off the Tv.

Switch channels.

Close that tab.

social media


Don’t feel bad. You should feel better and better each time you scroll through your social media feeds, because eventually they will only be filled with accounts and people that bring you joy and happy emotions. Life is too short to torture ourselves with jealousy and other negative emotions. DO NOT feel bad about de-friending you ex, a friend, an acquaintance, your cousin etc chances are they wont even notice and if they do – be honest! Let them know their posts make you a bit jealous and it felt better out of sight out of mind, it doesn’t mean you don’t like them as a person or dont want to hang out! Although some people you may discover that you truly dont want to hang out with anymore – that’s ok too. This is YOUR LIFE, do what makes you feel good, don’t worry about others they will look after themselves. This is about making you feel good. (pus if they make you feel like shit for deleting them – it’s kinda solidifying why you did it isn’t it).

It may feel scary to hit that delete button whether online or in real life but humour me and give it a try. DO NOT let thoughts of what if they notice? What if I miss out on something? What if they get angry with me etc etc stop you. You can deal with whatever may or MAY NOT come up later. You will feel SO SO much better after all this negativity is gone. Trust me. I know. It may take you days, weeks, months or years to realise every account, person, programme etc that brings you down. That’s ok, it’s all progress.



We all go through plenty of ups and downs in life, why add to the negative by choosing to follow people, accounts, hang out with people that make you feel less than fabulous? Seriously why? What does it achieve? Tune in to you body, your emotions, listen and answer the call.

Happy culling folks and let me know how you feel after!

Remember – How you feel matters most.

Sarah xxx