10 Things I learnt from eating Vegan for a month!

I have been eating a Vegan diet since the 27th of December 2015. It’s the first time I have ever eaten this way and yes, there were a few instances where I didn’t realise until too late that what I was eating wasn’t Vegan or I caved to the pecan slice at work, but on the whole I have been eating a Vegan diet. I did it for a number of reasons, the animals obviously, the environment, but also and most importantly for ME and my health journey. I wanted to eliminate a bunch of things from my diet for awhile then slowly introduce some back in to see if my body reacted negatively – if it did then I would know that I have some sort of intolerance to that particular food.

I only want to eat what works for my body, what keeps me feeling vibrant and healthy. If that be meat, fish and dairy so be it, however I will purchase and eat only products that are wild caught, grass fed, organic etc I am not here to judge and I do not expect to be judged. This is my individual journey, this is my body, my blog, my opinions.

As I publish this blog post I have re-introduced eggs into my diet and will continue to eat them. I still have not touched meat and fish and for now, do not feel the need to. I am more than happy eating an abundance of vegetables! I don’t buy any dairy products or eat them at home, however I sometimes eat something at work that has butter or cheese in it. Not very often though as I do feel better with vegetable based meals and wholefoods.

That all being said, here are 10 things I learnt while eating Vegan for over a month:


1. It’s easier than I thought

I guess it depends where you live and what you do for a job etc but for me, it was relatively easy to eat Vegan as I already eat quite healthily, don’t eat dairy and hardly ate meat or fish anyway. I don’t eat out much so that wasn’t really an issue but most restaurants will have a vegetarian option and if it’s not vegan I’m sure it could be made vegan. There is also quite a few vegan eateries in London which is lucky. I did’t feel restricted, in fact, I really enjoy making various bowls of all kinds of different veges, grains and making my own pestos and sauces. Experiment!

2. It’s easy to forget

As soon as I wasn’t at home it was easy to forget, the times when I did go out It wasn’t ingrained in my mind to check if items didn’t have butter or fish sauce etc in them, I had to think and be more aware. I went on a roadtrip and ended up eating alot of potato chips and pop corn as when I went to grab a sandwich they were all meat ones. I ended up feeling like shit from eating not so healthy food.

3. Being prepared is key

Leading on from above, it pays to think about what you are doing and where you are going each day so you can be prepared. Prepare some snacks at home the night before or before you leave the house in the morning. that way, if there isn’t any vegan options where you go you have a wee stash in your bag. Check the menu before you go to a restaurant, call ahead and ask if they can make meals vegan etc None of this will be hard if you are truly passionate about eating this way and being healthy.

4. Not all Vegans are crazy

Vegans can get a bad rap, kinda like overly religious people who ram religion down your throat, there are some vegans who ram veganism down everyone’s throats, put down people who choose to eat meat, judge, preach etc That’s only a small amount of vegans. Most are absolutely lovely people who care about the lives of animals, the environment and their own body, they don’t judge but are happy to chat about their journey if you so want to listen or have questions.

5. What we do to animals is horrible

I’m not one for blood and guts pictures or videos of any kind of living thing, so truthfully, I haven’t seen all of the vegan awareness videos out there, I have seen some and those alone are enough for me to know and be aware of how animals are treated to give us humans food. This is a tough subject so I don’t really want to get into it here, I think it speaks for itself.

6. I feel great

I feel so much lighter, healthier, calmer, clearer, happier when I eat a plant based diet. You will too.

7. There are so many options

Once you look, search, get inspiration, try things at home, experiment, you will find there are endless food options for every kind of meal that are vegan. Expand your mind bro.

8. Every journey is personal and individual

There is no one size fits all diet. There is no one size fits all vegan lifestyle. Every (body) is different. You need to try things to find out what works for YOU. You also need to make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need or you could get ill.

9. I poop alot

You know you are healthy when you are pooping 1-3 times a day and it’s a nice easy manoeuvre ;)

10. It’s not for everyone

Not everyone has the patience, not everyone wants to learn, not everyone is ready to get out of the matrix and THATS OK. It’s an individual journey. Money, location, career, family, these can all interfere. They don’t have to if you make it a priority, but, everyone is different. Be sure not to judge and focus on your own journey.

So will I continue to eat Vegan going forward? Unlikely. There is a number of reasons why – technically this is my life and I don’t have to explain to you but hey, I like sharing so the main reason is I just am not in a position to be able to dedicate the appropriate amount of time, money and dedication to properly research this way of eating (to ensure I am getting the right vitamin and minerals for my body etc). If I am going to change my lifestyle and diet completely, I am going to do it for me, and I am going to do it right to ensure that I am doing it in a healthy way and not lacking in anything my body needs. Unfortunately at this point in my life I cannot do this, again, for numerous reasons but number one being I am an expat living in a foreign country and as my visa is up this year I will be doing alot of travel to various countries for various lengths of time with minimal money and baggage.

The most important thing for me at the moment is to eat as healthy as I possibly can within my means. I will continue to research and learn about different ways of eating, with meat, without, etc and when I am able I will venture down these paths and see what my body likes best until I have found the ideal way of healthy living and eating for me as an individual. For me, it’s a lifestyle. Not a diet, not a way of loosing weight, it’s purely and individual journey so I can feed my mind, body and soul in the way that is best for ME. This is not something one can rush.

Have you tried going Vegan before?

Sarah xxx