Travel – Stonehenge/Bath/Bristol – Road Trip!

Hey everyone, so before Christmas a few friends and I took our first English road trip – and my first in well over a year, I was definitely having withdrawals.  My friend has acquired his aunties car as she can’t drive anymore so hopefully more roadtrips ahead!

We left at the ungodly hour of 6am on a Sunday and cruised to Stonehenge first. There was no-one around and obviously it wasn’t open yet, but lets be fair – it’s a bunch of stones in a paddock so we just pulled over, braved the wind and took some photos. It was a bit far away so the photos we got weren’t the best but I’d rather get a far away pic of the whole thing than a close up of a grey….rock. We then jumped back in the car, sounds booming and headed to Castle Combe, a quaint little village which looks like a step back in time. We wandered through the still sleeping village, grabbed some photos and marveled at its beauty. Quite a few movies have been shot there due to it’s old school look.

Next stop was Bath where we found a park, had a wander and took a tour around the Roman Baths. It’s quite different from back in the day, quite hard to picture from what your looking at! Still worth a look though, we wandered around Bath some more and stopped into a pub and had a pint and a feed, it started raining so we jumped back in the car and headed to our next destination – Bristol. We parked again and then wandered around hunting for Banksy art, we found a couple, grabbed some photos, wandered around some markets we stumbled across and headed back to the car for the drive back home to London. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday and tick off some more places on the ol travel list!

Check out some pics of our adventure below!




 Roman Baths




 Roman Baths





 Moi at Roman Baths 











 Street Art in Bristol 



 A Banksy piece in Bristol 




 Another Banksy piece in Bristol which has been damaged unfortunately 




 Group selfie in Bristol 


castle combe


 Castle Combe 


castle combe1


 Castle Combe – people left out homemade treats and an honesty box, how cool! 


castle combe2


 Castle Combe 


castle combe3


 Castle Combe and it’s tiny doors lol 




Have you been to Bath, Bristol or Stonehenge? What did you think?