Travel – Portugal

Once the UK kicked me out (well my visa was up so I had to leave) I headed for Portugal, I thought it only fair I tick off a few more countries before heading back to the southern hemisphere. I flew into Faro and grabbed a transfer to my hotel in Albufeira. Unfortunately I happened to choose a party hotel so my chance to relax disappeared. I grabbed the free transfer into the town where I wandered around taking everything in. 2016 had been pretty stressful so my main goal was to just chill and take my time. So that I did! I sat in a restaurant, had some food with a view and wrote in my diary. I took photos and wandered.





Ericeira 1


Ericeira beach


It wasn’t long before had to leave for my next destination. I decided to try Bla Bla Car – a website where you find other people who are travelling from the destination you are in to the destination you want to go to! It’s quite a cool concept, it’s a lot cheaper than public transport and you meet some new people. I squished into a tiny car with 3 people from Spain. The drive was relatively quick so I didn’t mind being squished for a few hours. I was dropped at my Air BnB in Lisbon. Once I was settled in my Air BnB I met up with a friend from New Zealand and we went for a wander and some dinner. Over the next few days Lizzie and I met each day at my Air BnB, wandered into the city and ventured around. We took photos, ate lots of food, explored and got a feel for Lisbon. I prefer staying somewhere where I can just walk around the city or town I am exploring so I can get a true feel for the people, the culture.

Lisbon city


Lisbon view

 A Terracotta Lisbon 


 Lisbon views 

After our time was up in Lisbon we decided to go somewhere coastal and smaller for some chill time. We ended up in Ericeira, a lovely little surf town on the coast not far from Lisbon. We got an Uber to the bus station then a bus to Ericeira. Our Apartment was a short walk from the bus station in Ericeira. When we got there, however, there appeared to already be someone in our apartment! Luckily they had another one free so we had to walk a bit further to that one for a night then we were able to stay in the one we had booked the next two nights (it was so much better!). Because of the mix up we got the first night free whoohoo! We spent our days walking around the town, eating, and lazing on various beaches, someone had to do it! I liked the vibe in Ericeira, laid back and chill, not super touristy, just what we were after!

Porto bridge


Porto Famous book shop

 Porto, the infamous bookstore – Livaria Lello 

Porto houses

 Porto – houses, colours, balconies 

Our last destination in Portugal was Porto! We had to get the bus back to Lisbon, get an Uber to the train station then get a train to Porto, so it was a bit of a mission but it went rather smoothly. Once we arrived our Air BnB host picked us up from the train station and took us to our Air BnB. Once we were settled we set off for our first wander. We had a week in Porto so we took our time to explore, chilled at our Air BnB, ate lots of food as usual and took lots of pictures. We were staying near Crystal Palace where there were lots of pretty gardens and a beautiful view so I often wandered down there to sit in the sun and listen to music. Porto has a lot of history, it was quite cool to explore.

Porto St Frances catacombs

 Porto – Sr Frances Catacombs 

Porto view

 Porto – pretty views 


 Porto – Clerigos Tower 

PortoCrystal Palace

 Porto – Crystal Palace 

I’d have to say my favourite destination in Portugal was Porto. We had plenty of time to explore and get to know it. I liked that it wasn’t a huge city so it felt a lot more friendly and laid back compared to a bigger city. There were A LOT of people wandering around with maps as there is alot to see there. There’s everything you need really, beaches nearby, wine, food, history, architecture etc I felt after visiting 4 different destination in Portugal, small and large I had a pretty good idea about what Portugal was all about. I must admit though I had high expectations for Lisbon as I had heard great things, but I felt it wasn’t anything special. You have to find these things out for yourself don’t you!


 More stunning Porto views 

Sintra castle

 Sintra – Castle 

Sintra statue

 Sintra – I couldn’t help myself sorry guys!haha


Moody Sintra 

Have you been to Portugal? Where was your favourite place?