Travel – Glasgow, Scotland

Hi Everyone! How is your week going? Unfortunately I did not get a long easter weekend, however I did manage to slip away for a two night stay in Glasgow, Scotland! My first ever time there whoo hoo. I went to catch up with my friend Becky before she moves back home to New Zealand. What ensued as a lovely weekend of walking around Glasgow, taking in the sights, beer pong, 3 story rock clubs, lots of cider and lots of laughs.

 Becky and I in George Square


It was lovely to get out of London for a few days, London can feel like a bit of a concrete jungle. It can be a bit stifling and fast paced. Being from New Zealand I am used to a more laid back way of life and surroundings that are more open, fresh and free. Glasgow was refreshing. It was a nice sized city to wander around or catch a quick bus or taxi. It is open, you arent surrounded by super tall buildings wherever you go, however it still had some lovely old buildings, churches etc The people are generally nice and friendly, however the accent can take a bit of getting used too! They speak english but their own special kind of english – and they spell it the way they say it! They also talk quite fast soooo Becky had to translate for me a few times haha.

Such a cute speed limit sign right?


Beer/cider pong!


The blue bridge across the river




I arrived late Friday night, caught a shuttle bus to the city where Becky met me and we wet back to hers. We chilled then hit the hay.

Saturday was exploring day! We jumped on a hop on hop off bus, taking pictures as we went and jumping off and taking a closer looks at a few places. We stopped for a midday drink and snack and continued on. Later we grabbed some pizza and salad for a quick meal at home then we started on the ciders, got ready, played a few games of beer (well, cider!) pong then headed to town to a rock club called Cathouse. It was three floors of various rock music and it was a great time had by all! We went from room to room, drank alot of cider and jager shots, danced and made new friends. I couldnt tell you what time we went to bed – a sign of a good night haha.

The next morning, thank god, I wasnt too hungover! We chilled for a bit then after a shower and some breakfast we headed out on a glorious spring day for a bit more exploring. It was so warm we didnt even need jackets, it definitely helped us forget the hangovers! A roast lunch ensued and we checked out the Tennent beer factory and the Necropolis. We kind of lost track of time and I ended up spending £25 on a taxi to the airport and nearly missing my flight back to London whoops!

Weird art work!


Irn Bru was tried for the first time – it tasted a bit like creaming soda


Kelvingrove Museum


Nelsons Monument in Glasgow Green


All in all I had a lovely weekend and thoroughly enjoyed my time in Glasgow, i would definitely recommend a visit and would love to go back!

Glasgow Necropolis


Blue Police Box – these were used back n the day for folks to call the police, they are dotted throughout the city


Sunday roast



Tennents beer brewery




Walls around tennents brewery – all about Scotland/Glasgow



Have you ever been to Glasgow?

See you next week xx