Travel – America/New Orleans

I was super excited to go to New Orleans as I expected it to be a lot different to anywhere else I was going on my travels in America – a true southern experience and it didn’t disappoint! In fact, It was actually my favourite place from my whole trip! I loved the more small city, friendly, laid back feel. I love the architecture and history and I loved that it was just different.

It was a bit of a mission to get too as I flew Nassau – Atlanta – New Orleans, there was a massive storm in Atlanta, we nearly didn’t even get to land when we eventually did my flight to New Orleans was delayed about 4 hours. I didn’t end up getting in until very late so I had to get a taxi straight to the hostel. Thankfully I had been able to contact them and they left a key out for me.


Lots of colour and big old houses near my Hostel 


Wandering down Magazine Street in the Garden District 


A selfie with the Mississippi 

My first day in New Orleans was spent wandering. I walked around the Garden district, down Magazine street, checked out Lafayette Cemetery, popped into the southern food and beverage museum had lunch at Commanders Palace – a must for nice food and 25c Martinis hehe. I checked out my first Walmart, sorry guys, I had too – I saw some interesting people but not people of walmart worthy! I chilled at the hostel and cooked some dinner and had a chat to a couple of guys who were also hanging in the lounge.


Goofing around at my swamp tour 


Hello there Mr Croc!


Drinking Hurricanes out of fishbowls on Bourbon Street


Late night Bourbon Street antics with my new friends 

The next day I was picked up at the hostel and taken just outside of New Orleans to do a swamp tour! I was the first pickup and to my surprise the second pickup was no less than 16 young guys, on a stag do!! The first thing they did was say hello and offer me a beer – who was I to refuse? I ended up sitting beside a lovely young american girl and we had a good chat about life. The tour was great, having never seen crocodiles in the flesh it was interesting for me. We saw quite a few crocs, a big turtle and even racoons! Our tour guide was great and also had an assortment of animals on the boat we could have a hold of including tiny turtles, a snake and a baby croc! After we got back into the city I ended up having lunch with 16 american guys on a stag do haha, totally forgot to get a picture though! I then went for a bit of a wander around Jackson Square before heading back to the hostel via Walmart for some dinner food and booze. I had a shower and cooked some food hoping I would run into someone in the hostel and get to chatting and hopefully drag them to check out Bourbon Street with me! As luck would have it I ended up talking to an english girl and a chinese girl and we all got ready, had a few drinks and grabbed a taxi to bourbon street. If you haven’t heard, bourbon street is basically one long street in the French quarter that is lined with bars and pubs. The street is closed to traffic and there are lots of people, lots of booze and music. You certainly see some interesting sights in New Orleans! We ended up with giant fishbowl cocktails aptly named Hurricane, we wandered down the street talking to random people, taking photos and bar hopping. We headed back to the hostel hours later where I ended up hanging out with some guys from Peru and bonding over our love of rock music till the sun started coming up and I thought it best to sleep!


French Quarter 



A little hungover the next day I took my time and chilled in the morning, I ventured out to find food at a lovely vegetarian cafe and wandered around the french quarter taking in the surroundings, people and architecture. New Orleans is the kind of place you can just wander around for hours. I shopped, had random cocktails out of random vessels, checked out the Mississippi then wandered back to the hostel for food and sleep. The next day was also spent wandering more around the french quarter and doing such must do’s as eating a Po-boy, riding on the street car, tucking into donuts at Cafe Du Monde and trying pralines at Aunt Sally’s. I had to change hostels as I was starting a tour with G Adventures the next day which would take me from New Orleans to New York! I met a bunch of the girls who were heading out to do a swamp tour, I went off to do some washing and met up with everyone on the tour later. We ventured down Frenchmen street and had dinner and some drinks then wandered back to Bourbon Street. We had some drinks and danced and I wandered back to the hostel around 1am with a couple of others!


This house was where the big fire of New Orleans started (twice in fact) 


These were everywhere in the French Quarter – people used to tie their horses up on these 


 Beautiful Architecture in the French Quarter 

My time in New Orleans was great, I’d definitely love to go back and explore more! Have you ever been to New Orleans?

See you next week xx