The Importance of Surrounding yourself with the right people

Hey Everyone, how is your week going? Over the long weekend here in the UK I had a much needed 3 days off work. I packed all my belongings up and moved into a friends spare room (well a loft thing, I kinda feel like Harry potter in a cupboard haha), I didn’t catch up on sleep courtesy of my old flatmates and Mr Insomnia and I spent some much needed time with some good friends.

I have been having a hard time the last couple of months and my main priority has been trying to look after myself and pt myself first. Try to eliminate stress and surround myself with people that lift me up not drag me down. I still sometimes struggle with letting go of toxic people in my life but I do know it needs to be done. So today I wanted to talk a bit about the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people – it does wonders to your life, attitude, happiness, wellbeing etc to be surrounded by positive, like minded, respectful, people who lift you up.




No matter how crap life or or how crap I’m feeling, If I spend just a little bit of time with a good friend or family member, in person, skype, or maybe its just a chat on the phone, I feel so much better – even if it is only in that moment. It’s also nice to know you have people you can count on, people you can reach out to, people who will make you smile, laugh, distract you, give you advice – the list goes on! Only you can completely turn your moods around, but good solid people around you can certainly help.




Sometimes it is hard to see if you have a toxic friend until you take a step back and have a good, hard look. Do you have a friend who after you see them you always feel deflated? depressed? sad? stressed? frustrated? You shouldn’t feel like this!! Some people for example can be very negative, everything is doom and gloom and that in turn will bring you down. It doesnt make these people bad people at all BUT that doesnt mean that they need to stay in your life. Think of it is a break up, if you love your partner but some things just won’t work for you – whats the difference when it is a friend? You have to put yourself first and wean yourself away from these toxic friends.






I know it can be easier said than done and it needs to be done in a nice way obviously! It is up to you, maybe you want to have a chat to them and make them aware of how their words, behaviors, actions bring you down or upset you – maybe they weren’t even aware! Another options is to just let go, stop texting/calling and sometimes you may just never hear from them. Sometimes of course you will and then again, it is up to you, you can meet with them less often until gradually the friendship peters out or you can always be ‘busy’ and eventually they might get the hint. None of these are fun options but calling up someone and saying your a bitch I don’t want you in my life anymore isn’t exactly ideal! Being the good person you are, figure out the best way for you to let go of these toxic friends, think about YOU, not them.




The difference in you mood and overall health and wellbeing once these toxic people are gone will surprise you. You may then want to turn to other areas of your life and take a look at them – can you work for that toxic boss who always yells at you? Do you dread catching up with your cousins who always do drugs and bully people? Whatever it is, whoever it is, take a good hard look and think – WILL THESE PEOPLE LIFT ME UP? OR BRING ME DOWN?




Now go forth and surround yourself with the RIGHT people for you to live the life you want with the people you want by your side!!



 Have you ditched toxic people from your life before? How did you do it? How did you feel after?

See you next week! xxx