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Travel – Spain

Spain Valencia park
Once Portugal was done and dusted I hopped on a flight to Barcelona to start my Spain travels! It was a lot hotter and humid in Barcelona that was for sure! I stayed in two different locations, the first ... read more
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Travel – Portugal

Porto, Portugal
Once the UK kicked me out (well my visa was up so I had to leave) I headed for Portugal, I thought it only fair I tick off a few more countries before heading back to the southern hemisphere. I flew into ... read more
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Travel – Amsterdam

I’ve been to Amsterdam twice now and randomly both times with My Mum! This time it was myself, Mum and Dad. The last time was a very brief visit on a 3 week tour back in 2012 so i was keen to explore ... read more
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Travel – Wales/Cardiff

Hi guys, a few weeks ago my flatmate and I when on a spontaneous trip to Cardiff in Wales! She mentioned she was going to go and I haven’t set foot in Wales yet so I thought why not?! It was about a ... read more
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Travel – America/New York

New York City. The last stop on my travels in America. I had high hopes for New York, everyone raves on about, it’s been put up on a pedestal, a magical city where anything could happen.  I was ... read more
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