Should you move to the other side of the world alone?

I have always wanted to travel. I had always imagined myself living, working and travelling overseas. But, life went on, I started working, spent time with friends, I got into a long-term relationship (with someone who didnt really care for travelling), life happened. Fear. I cant just leave my job and move to the other side of the world, what about money? Where will I live, what will I do? Fear. It is what holds us back from so.many.things.

Fuck fear.

Know what I’m more afraid of?


That shit eats away at you.


So I got made redundant from my job, broke up with my partner and decided to follow my dreams of moving overseas, better late than never right? Was I scared as fuck? Yup. I saved, I got a payout for my redundancy, I sold my car (and if you know me my car was my baby!), I sold clothes, shoes etc I booked a one way flight. I had no job or home lined up, I knew one person in London, no family there. I threw myself in the deep end.

I traveled solo for a month and a half in Europe. I had never traveled solo before. I had no set plan, I knew where I wanted to go and I had a flight booked to London. I sorted my accommodation and travel as I went. Was it scary? Yup. Did shit go wrong? It sure did. Did I survive? Duh. Was it worth it? Fuck yeah.


Once in London I stayed at my mates for two nights before she had to move out, we stayed in a Hostel for a week and luckily I found a place to move into. Then it was job hunting time. My friend left to move to Glasgow so I then only new one other girl who i had met while travelling Europe. I found a job within a week. Worked 10 days and didnt go back. It was horrible. I freaked out. I job hunted again. I got another job within a week. I worked at that job for a few months, then I quit. I felt relief – it wasnt for me. I panicked slightly. I went to Scotland for new years and spent Christmas with some expat friends I’d made. I got a new job within a few weeks. I have been at that job since. I have had my bag, clothes, phone stolen. I have been almost homeless, I have been homeless. I’ve had other shit go wrong. Ive been stressed to the MAX.Was it all worth it? You bet ya.


That is my story. I have been away from New Zealand for 8 months. I have been living and working in London for 6 months. Solo. I am slowly building a friend base. I keep in touch with close friends and family at home. I have travel plans. I play tourist in my city. I get out of my comfort zone. I try new things. I take risks. I discover more each day about myself. I’m becoming my true self.


Should you move over the other side of the world, away from your family and friends alone? Fuck yeah! Will you be scared? Yes. Will shit hit the fan numerous times? Yes. Will you lose things or get things stolen? Likely. Will you be poor? Probably. Will you struggle sometimes? Yup. Will you get debilitating homesickness more than once? Yes. Will you cry? Alot. Will you feel lonely? Yup.

Then why do it you ask?

Why the fuck wouldnt you? You can feel all the above feelings in your home country, right by your family and friends. Whats the worst that could happen? You go back home. Who cares? At least you tried, you experienced. The pros out-weigh the cons by far.


I dont think I will ever go back to the person I was in new Zealand. I wont ever be stuck in a boring job I hate again. I wont ever stay in a relationship that isn’t right for me. I will take risks. I will follow my instincts. When you fly out of the nest you start to become free. You realise there is this whole world out there to discover, people to meet. You dont want to be stuck in some shitty job, unhappy and bored. Stuck on repeat, Fuck that. You cant truly discover who you are and what you want out of this life until you spend time alone, with yourself. Getting out of your comfort zone forces you to adapt, but you become the person you are meant to. Staying in suburbia, you just dont know what is out there! You make mistakes and you learn from them. You take risks and they pay off. You meet people with incredible stories who inspire you. You make friends all over the globe. You see amazing sights with your own eyes that words cannot describe.



If you want to travel. Do it. Dont wait, dont procrastinate, dont think about what might go wrong. Just do it, it will work out the way it is meant to – whether you go for 6 months or 6 years, it doesnt matter – you did it! You cannot plan everything. You cannot anticipate everything than can and will go wrong. I mean, dont be stupid though guys, dont leave with $500 or obviously you’ll struggle! I believe everyone should travel solo at least once in their lives. travelling with someone s not the same, they are a distraction. You cannot see or do as much with someone by your side. You are forced to speak with people you wouldnt if you werent alone and this opens up whole new experiences and adventures.

If there is a nagging feeling in your gut to travel – listen to it, it doesnt lie.