Pink Top and Leather Take 2

Hey Everyone, whew life is starting to get crazy for me! I have less than two weeks to go here in Christchurch before I spend a week or so in Auckland then leave for my OE! I celebrated my birthday on Thursday, the big 29 – can you believe I am in my last year of my twenties? Crazy I tell you! On my birthday I started the day with a walk, went for brunch with my flatmate Jo who is my birthday twin, same age and everything! I then got my hair did, then later I went for dinner with a bunch of good mates. I didn’t realise our mates band was playing at the same place so that was a good coincidence and they even sang me happy birthday hehe. We made some new friends and they bought me shots and…yeah we didn’t get home until 230am haha then yesterday I was hung-thefuck-over.  didn’t do a lot other than get me a new Tattoo (stay tuned for a peak!) and then had some friends over in the evening to go through all my stuff and buy it for ridiculous amounts! So far today Ive been out for lunch and got a bunch of stuff done around home, then tonight Im heading to a girls night at a mates for nibbles, drinks, games and then likely heading to town later for a dance, whew!!

Onto my outfit This is take 2 of me styling this girly pink top with leather look, this time I paired it with a leather look skirt and some studded flats :)

DSCF5060 (600x800) DSCF5061 (600x800) DSCF5062 (600x800) DSCF5063 (600x800) DSCF5066 (600x800) DSCF5070 (600x800) DSCF5072 (600x800) DSCF5074 (600x800) DSCF5078 (600x800) DSCF5079 (600x800) DSCF5081 (600x800)

Top – Paris

Skirt – Glassons
Flats – Primark
Happy Saturday Lovelies! xxx