Photoshoots Galore

Hey guys, pretty cruisy and relaxing weekend this weekend I decided to play around with my camera and do a wee mini photoshoot on Saturday hehe. This is what I wore today – comfy sunday outfit: ... read more
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Time to brighten up

I’ve got a cold so im feeling kinda sorry for myself at the mo Ive been saying the last two weeks I hope I dont get sick before my new job etc and whaddya know? I get sick! So im trying to keep warm ... read more
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Im Done!

Im done! Im finally done with Hutchies, I will never have to set foot in there again YAY! It still hasnt fully hit I dont think, It will after I havent been there for a few days…..anyways I had ... read more
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So this week has been pretty crap so far…my cars been playing up. Found out today it is 85% likely to be the air fuel ratio sensor…only $800 for a new one! Dunno what im gonna do….on a ... read more
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My weekend!

Hi everyone! Hope you’ve all had a great weekend so far I havent gotten up to alot…went shopping Saturday as I was having withdrawals hehe picked me up a dress, an oversized top/dress thing, a ... read more
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New Jacket take 2!!

Friday has finally arrived hurrah! Work went soooo slow today Only four more days to go eeeeek! I managed to get a rego and wof for my car uesterday then today my check engine light decides to come on and ... read more
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Pay day rules!

Oh how I love pay day. Its surprising how quick my money goes down though Thank god its finally Friday tomorrow Ive been looking forward to some time to relax! Only 5 more days to go at this job! I managed ... read more
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Counting down the days…

6 more days to go till im outta this job! Its getting really bitchy at work, man I cant wait to leave it all behind and start fresh! This is the outfit Ive had in my head for awhile: The tights were a bit ... read more
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Oh Monday!

How I dont like you very much….haha. I woke up this morning and couldnt bring myself to go to work I always seem to sleep crap on Mondays! However I made the most of my day I baked scones, ... read more
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My weekend

Pretty quiet weekend this weekend as Im hanging out for payday! Saturday I didnt do alot, went for a run with James then to find a mothers day pressie for his Mum. Then mucked round at home. My friend came ... read more
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