Hai! Tuesday has arrived and I managed to throw something on after work hehe. Still nice and comfy for around home tonight i used our new pie maker for the first time and made bacon and egg pies for tea ... read more
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Lazy Sunday

Gah stoopid thing deleted my first post! Right so im tired and hungover today so my outfit is just something simple and comfy. I went out lastnight and it was rather interesting night (think gang members ... read more
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What Summer?

Finally the weekend is here. I went for a walk/run through Hagley park this morning to get some excersise. I bummed around home then went to the mall with a mate for a spot of shopping! I got some sapri ... read more
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Week one Over

Week one of work is down! Thank god. Still no sign of a new job but ima keep trucking along. Just gonna have a realxing night at home tonight me thinks…unless something super fantsatical comes up! ... read more
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Wacky Thursday!

So another day at work today and it was freaking BUSY for some reason. Rather random. Least it makes the day go quick!! My weird thing for the day is I was walking to get sushi for lunch and i walked past ... read more
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Casual Comfort

Today I managed to biff on something other than my supre trackies and a manky top after work haha. Nothing majoy though rather boring and uninspired! I cant be arsed making any effort after ive been ... read more
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Second day back at work today ugh, didnt have much sleep lastnight = tired Sarah! Anywho I had a job interview after work which went ok except im overqualified. Which means i probably wont get it Never ... read more
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Back to Reality

So today was my first day back at work for 2010!! I got a lovely (NOT) welcome this morning by a workmate who completely inored me TWICE in the space of 20 minutes. BITCH! See why i like hardly anyone at ... read more
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So The weekend is nearly over and I have to go back to the job I cant stand tomorrow Yup feeling sorry for myself lol. Anywho I got bored yesterday and went shopping whoops hehe I took some pics of my new ... read more
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New Stuff!!

So since its been christmas and New Years ive been rather poor so i was hanging out for pay day thursday hehe. Me and the boy went shopping and I got a bit carried away! Heres a pic of my haul – Ive ... read more
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