London Life – Expat Update

Hi Everyone! The countdown is onnnnn. In T – 2 days I will be in the air on my way to the US of A for the first time!!! OMG. It still hasn’t properly sunk in. Not to mention I will be turning 30 in Las Vegas with two of my girlfriends from New Zealand who I haven’t seen in nearly a year!! So on that note, I may not be able to post once a week as I do now, but be sure there will be some fabulous posts coming up about my adventures!

Today’s post is scattered with pictures of my adventures in London – enjoy!

Borough Market



Shakespeare’s Globe



Before I head off on my next adventure I thought I’d update you on expat life in London. Some people seem to think you come here, get a job, travel, make new friends, experience new things etc etc and yup, you do, BUT it aint always easy. Not many employers want their employees going away for 5 weeks so I resigned from my job, moved out of my flat and I am currently crashing at a mates place until I fly out. THAT’S the reality. I cant afford to pay London’s ridiculous rent while I am gone with no income. So when I get back to these fair shores (let’s hope they are warmer than when I leave!) I will be jobless and homeless. Much like when I first got here, expect I know my way around better, know where to look for jobs and have a few mates who’s couches i can crash on!

Tate Modern



Random Skate park I found while wandering Southbank



It’s a risk, travel kinda is. Worst case I can’t get a job, run out of money and I go back to New Zealand. I have faith i can find a job though, then I will get an amazing flat and continue my expat journey in London. Cos, guys, I have travel booked already yo and goddamit I’m doing it! I am a little concerned about how much I will spend in America since who knows when the money will start flowing again when I get back to London, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take. I will be a frugal as I can without sacrificing the fun of my trip!


Pretty mean view while crossing the road!



View from the Emirates Cable Car of Millenium Dome




So there you have it, my life in a nutshell right now haha. I feel some travel blogs don’t always show the real realities of being an expat so I hope this helps if you are an expat yourself or about to be one!

Greenwhich mean time!



Black Books shop!




A moody day in Regent’s Park



All you can eat sushi with my girls




Shawn the Sheep – he pops up all over London




Nights out with the girlies :)


Stumbling upon random things being filmed – you ever know what you’ll see in London!




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See you soon xxx