London – Camden Markets

Hello Everyone! Hope you had a great week. I started my new job this week and it’s been a fun week. My workmates are all great and I’m learning alot in my job, meeting new people and getting to see different parts of London. I also get to go to Manchester tomorrow for the week for work!!!!! Crazy shit. I’m pretty excited as I have only been to London in England, I haven’t ventured anywhere else yet.

I have no idea why it took me so long but today I FINALLY went to visit Camden Market here in London. Basically I loved it. Lot’s of people, funky shops and stalls, lot’s of street food, entertainment, basically you just wander around and soak everything in. Next time I am going before lunch so I can sample some of the tasty looking food! I love that London has such a variety of food options to cater for everyone. I bought myself some winter boots as it is starting to get a bit colder here now and I treated myself to a smoothie and raw truffles at an Organic Cafe I stumbled upon.

Check out some picture below from my Camden explorations:


Inspiral Lounge – Organic Cafe with music! I will be back.


You can buy all sorts at Camden Market!


Street Food Galore


Camden Lock

Camdenmarket Camdenmarket1


Lot’s of English wares






Cool as buildings!


More cool as buildings


My afternoon tea, Cacao smoothie and raw truffles :)

How did you spend your Sunday?

Happy Sunday Lovelies xxx