Life Update Ft Lace & Camo & a Graffiti Wall!

Hey Everyone! Another week has begun and this week is a biggy for me. Wednesday I am leaving New Zealand on a one way ticket to Europe, I am then travelling Europe alone for the first time ever for almost two months. I have no idea what I’m doing and I am beyond scared and excited at the same time! I have wanted to travel for a very very long time and I have settled for a few holidays here and there but this time I am leaving my country alone with a working visa for the UK for two years! So I am travelling Europe first then I am going to London to find a job and a home. Life is going to change dramatically and I am nervous and excited for what the future is going to bring!

In saying that obviously posts on the blog will be rather sporadic while I am travelling as who knows when I will be near wifi. So please do bare with me as I definitely want to continue my blog, even more so when I am going to doing such a major thing in my life!! So stay tuned and I hope to be with you as soon as I can. I have lot’s of ideas for my new domain as my life has changed a lot over the past 10 months and even more so over the next two years, I am excited to take you all along with me!

I couldn’t resist taking some photos at this graffiti wall again in Christchurch, I took my beloved (my car) there for some last pictures and got some outfit pics while I was there too. I don’t really think you could get a better casual outfit of lace, camo and converse! See you all soon on the other side of the world!!

DSCF5439 (600x800) DSCF5440 (600x800) DSCF5443 (600x800) DSCF5446 (600x800) DSCF5453 (600x800) DSCF5461 (600x800) DSCF5465 (600x800) DSCF5468 (600x800) DSCF5469 (600x800) DSCF5471 (600x800) DSCF5476 (600x800) DSCF5477 (600x800)

Top – Warehouse

Pants – Factorie

Shoes – Converse

Happy Monday Lovelies xxx