Let’s Talk about music for a minute!

I have always loved music. My taste has varied over the years but I tend to stick to mostly rock, hip hop and some pop/DnB. I do like a bit of everything though, other than classical and other similar music that bores the shit out of me haha. Number one is definitely Rock! Throughout this post you will see pics from various concerts I have been to in the last few years and musicians I have met :)


Meeting Jacoby from Papa Roach


Hanging out with Tobin from Papa Roach

My memories of music go back to when I was younger and listened to Mariah Carey, Belinda Carlisle, Michael Jackson and Alanis Morrisette religiously. I was also influenced alot by my parents music which played at home and on our various road trip holidays – Mamas and the Papas, Queen, Dire Straits, Rod Stewart, Suzi Quartro and Boney M were frequent. I went through phases, I loved the Spice Girls for a time, Backstreet Boys, Five, Will Smith then I went dark and listened to Marilyn Manson and Fear Factory! Next up Pantera and Metallica followed by Korn and Slipknot, throw in Linkin Park too of course! I then went all Hip Hop and didnt really buy any music anymore, I just listened to what was on the radio and got downloaded songs I liked. I listened to rock, pop or hip hop/rnb depending on what mood I was in. When I met my ex boyfriend he was into rock so I started getting back into it and discovered some new bands, or bands I hadn’t really heard much of their music- Stone Sour, Three Days Grace, Paramore, Rise Agianst, Papa Roach to name a few. My love affair with rock returned.


About to see Seether for the first time at The Forum in London

music4 music5


Watching Rihanna live in Auckland

Music fills me with emotion. It helps me forget. It makes me happy when I am sad. It brings memories flooding back. I don’t know why, and I assume not everyone is the same, however for me, music is powerful.






Me and my ticket to see Eminem in Auckland


Rob Zombie on stage in Auckland

While I am overseas I made a list of bands that I wanted to see live. Unfortunately being from a small country forever away from anywhere else means alot of bands cannot or do not come, due to cost, distance etc I just realised that in my 6 months of living in London I have seen 5 bands off my list – whoa!


Meeting Phil Anselmo – lead singer of Pantera and Down in Melbourne at Soundwave


Korn = <3

If I had to pick a ‘favourite’ band it would have to be Korn. I loved them alot, I bought alot of their albums. I didnt listen to them for a few years when I was a teenager, then I would listen to the classic songs I had and then I got back into it with their latest album – especially after finding out they were coming to New Zealand! At the ripe age of 28, I saw my favourite band for the first time. I had no idea what affect it would have on me, I was literally so emotional I thought I was going to cry! Just meters in front of me was a band I had LOVED for YEARS, since I was 14! I listened to their music religiously, knew all the words and listened to it whenever I felt down. It was incredible.


Slipknot live at Wembley in London


Watching Papa Roach for the first time live at the side of the stage

At this point in my ife I am all about pursuing things that make me happy, that make me feel alive, well, fantastic, in the moment etc etc Music is one of them. I will continue to see bands I love, listen to music when I feel sad and I will extend this to other areas of my life – if it doesnt feel good – I wont do it. Ill stop, change, dow what i need to do. I’m on a mission!


A typical Sarah rock chick pose – this one before Papa Roach in London

Do you love music? Tell me your feel good music stories! See you next week xxx