How To Make Your Own Almond Milk at Home

Hi Everyone! IN case you didn’t know I have always been into natural remedies, products etc but somehow life and convenience always got in the way of me making more of my own healthier products to use/eat etc so enough of that! Each new natural product I make I will document on my blog as I know I look to the internet for inspiration when looking for natural remedies, recipes etc I have no idea why I didn’t start making my own Almond milk earlier because it is SO EASY it’s just not even funny.

Without further ado this is how I made my own Almond Milk (sorry for the average photos)

Almond milk

Step One:

You will need:

- Organic Almond (1 Cup soaked for at least 8 hours in water)

- Blender

- Pantyhose or nutmilk bag

- Bowl

- Measuring Cup

- Sieve

- Container to put Milk in (I used and old milk carton)

- Water

- (optional) Sweetener of choice – Agave, Honey, Vanilla Essence etc

Almond Milk1

Step 2:

Blend 1 cup almonds (strain in water through sieve after soaking) to 3 cups water, blend for a few minutes, it will turn white like milk whoohoo!

Almond Milk2

Step 3:

Pour contents from blender into pantyhose or nutmilk bag and squeeze all the milky goodness out into your bowl, kind of like a teet until all the milk is out. You are left with what we call Almond meal. I have frozen mine until I can find a recipe to use it in later. Once squeezed you can pop the milk back in the blender and add your sweetener of choice and blend for a sec.

Almond Milk 5

Step 4:

Enjoy! I poured mine into my milk bottle to refrigerate. It can last 3-5 days in the fridge.

Almond Milk 6


I enjoyed my Almond Milk with my homemade muesli (granola), raisins and bananas the next morning – delish!


Have you made your own Almond Milk?


Happy Tuesday Lovelies xxx