How to make healthy Muesli & Oat Milk

Hey Everyone, in case you didn’t know I am a health and wellness nut, I like to eat as well as I can and look after my mind, body and soul.

I have been making my own muesli/granola for over a year now and I would NEVER go back. It is so simple and so much healthier than store brought options which often add a lot of sugar. I am also in the habit now of making my own homemade milk, so far I have made Almond Milk  and lately Oat milk as it is a lot cheaper and quicker to make.

I don’t have exact measurements as I just chuck in whatever, you can measure things out evenly if you want to but everything is so simple and can be done by eye.

Sarah’s Homemade Muesli:

Oats (use gluten free if you prefer)

Nuts of choice – I use almonds, cashews, walnuts etc, I usually grab a bag of mixed nuts I love the crunch factor! (You can chop/blend them up a bit if you don’t want whole nuts)

Seeds of choice – pumpkin, sesame etc (you don’t have to use seeds if you don’t want to)


Coconut Oil



muesli (2)


1. In a bowl pour in desired amount of oats, nuts and seeds and mix up a bit. If you prefer more oats to nuts pour in more oats – make it how you prefer!



2. In a pot add coconut oil and honey and melt slowly over low heat. You need enough to coat your muesli mix – you don’t want to drown it. Ratio wise I would say slightly less honey than coconut oil – play with the consistency each time until you get your desired taste. If you don’t make enough the first time it wont take long to quickly melt some more!



3. Pour coconut oil and honey mixture into muesli mix a bit at a time and stir about until you get your desired consistency and coat everything, pour onto baking paper in an oven dish and pop in the oven. Cook time depends on your desired outcome, do you want it super brown and crunchy? Do you want it less crunchy and just lightly toasted? Play around, check it every 5 minutes until you get to your desired colour/consistency.




My muesli after toasting:


4. Pop muesli into an air tight container – let cool and pop in the cupboard. Obviously you can make big or small batches depending on how much you want, how much you have each serving etc



Sarah’s Oat Milk:




1. Pour oats into a measuring bowl, coat in water and let soak for 10 minutes.

2. Strain oats in a strainer/colander and put soaked oats into a blender

3. Add double amount of water to oats in blender (I use 200ml oats and 400ml water) keep in mind I don’t use huge amounts of milk in my muesli and I am making this for one. You can also play with the ratio of water to oats depending on if you want it thicker or more watery.

4. Blend on low for about a minute, let bits float back to the bottom of the blender and blend again for another 30 seconds

5. Pour mixture into a strainer with a bowl underneath to catch the oat residue (repeat another time or even more depending on how much sediment you have) you can also use a nut milk bag or pantyhose for this.

6. Pop into a container and pop in the fridge! This mixture separates when it sits so don’t freak out just give it a stir or a shake before each use. I would use within 5 days  - a week max!





Enjoy and let me know how you get on! I love my muesli with fresh fruit on top, other options are dried fruit, sultanas, yoghurt etc

See you next week xxx