England Roadtrip – Liverpool & The Lakes District

Hey guys,

Recently I went on a wee road trip with a few mates up to the Lakes District here in England, we also made a quick stop off in Liverpool. The weather wasn’t really on our side (when is it ever in the UK?) with drizzle, rain and massive thick clouds, it wasn’t too cold though, which was a bonus.





Castle we found 


We may have driven all the way to the oddly names village to be silly haha


Cool bridge in the Lakes District 


Sunday vegan nut roast = yum!


One of man y villages we went through 

We stayed in a little village called Grasmere, the hostel we stayed at was a big old house which looked spooky as from the outside. Alot of villages are very close by, compared to New Zealand when you can drive for a decent amount of time without going through a town at all. We spent out time exploring as much as we could, taking photos and eating haha. If I’m being honest I was expecting some beautiful nature but I found it to be rather dull, nothing special. That being said it wasn’t hideous, nor did I not have a good time! I think it is just hard when you come from a country as naturally beautiful as New Zealand – it’s hard sometimes to find countries that are anywhere near as beautiful! My expectations are high because of this. Perhaps the area is nicer in spring or summer. There were alot of road closures due to flooding which made our trip a bit more difficult.


Lake Windemere 


Only in England!


Mucking around with a picture frame we found at a Castle    lakesdistricthostel

Our spooky accommodation in Grasmere    lakesdistrictroads

The Lakes District Roads

On our way back to London we stopped off briefly in Liverpool for some lunch and a wee wander. We found a great Vegan place for lunch which gave hearty portions for a great price, we then went for a walk and then a bit of a drive through Liverpool before heading back to London. I found Liverpool quite dirty and run down, not a place I’d go to again based on my first impression! Oh England, how average you are haha.








Have you ever been to the Lakes District?