Nearly the Weekend

Ahh Thursday is here, the countdown to the weekend is on! The highlight of my day so far has been food haha I got free sushi and subway for lunch then my lovely bf shouted fish and chips for tea Im still ... read more
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Had to go home from work early again today This time a sore stomach and fever. Dunno whats wrong with me…..its summer now though so i dont wanna get sick! Im going to try make sure I look after ... read more
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Hi everyone (and i mean no-one haha) well I had an eventful weekend! Ended up taking my car out for a cruise Friday night anf ran into a few mates. Saturday I hit the gym and then sat at the hairdressers ... read more
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Wow just when i thought I had a bad day yesterday I had an even worse day at work today! Boss was such an arsehole to me today i was in the toilets balling my eyes out before 8.30am, good start to the day ... read more
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Over It

Ugh bring on the weekend!! Another nice day stuck inside at work, had a meeting after work and GAH im so over it words cant describe…….I need a cold wine or bourbon but dammit I have nothing in ... read more
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Today was another hot day which unfortunately i spent inside at work! After work I had a wee stroll to my car in the sun then hit the gym. Feeling really blah today, had a shite sleep lastnight So yeah not ... read more
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Lazy Sunday

So i ended up going out last night, turned into quite a good night!! Drank with a mate then had a boogy in town then went cruising in a WRX – I miss the rumble of a subby so much (mine doesnt rumble) ... read more
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Finally the weather has been really warm the last few days – makes me feel like summer is finally upon us! It was too hot to wear my new tights today so instead I wore: White singlet from Supre ... read more
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Today I had a photoshoot – was an awesome fun day but very tiring! Took nearly 9 hours all up. Had a lot of costume changes to do…I dont have any pics as yet but here is a pic of me with my ... read more
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Today I went to Ruapuna and gave my car some shit on the track – was soooooooooooooooo much fun!! I absolutely loved being able to give her some shit and see what she could do. We did Motorkana, ... read more
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