So tonight me and the boy and a couple of mates went to see the buskers at the Arts Centre We left early as I have a headache I hate headaches!! Anywho its Friday 2moro so yay!hehe. My top looks all ... read more
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Jobs Jobs Jobs

Today i finally went back to work! Started off a bit shithouse as I forgot to put my alarm on again and work up at 7.38 – I start work at 7.30 lol. Ahhh well. I had a job interview after work which ... read more
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Im so fricking tired today My insomnia has reared up again. Im ok for months then BAM im shit for a few days….I will sleep well tonight…..I HAVE to cos I have a job interview tomorrow yay!!! ... read more
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Feeling Blue…

Hurro! So today i was home with a headache I applied for a job though hehe. Ive got two outfit pics today – one from yesterday cos im aslack arse hehe. Grey T-shirt – kmartBlack singlet – ... read more
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Pink Bits!

Yesterday I waz rather bored so I went shopping…..oops. Totally spent waaaaaaaay too much. Got alot of good stuff thought! A couple of singlets, a couple of skirts, T-shirt, annnnd I went to a second ... read more
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So its finally friday but its horrible! Wet, cold, windy Feels more like winter and im so over it, at this rate it’ll be cold all year round! Just going to have a quiet night in tonight im so tired ... read more
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Grocery Day!

Today is finally pay day whoo hoo! Me and the boy went and got groceries yay hehe I love having plenty of food in the cupboards! As we speak I have a banana, caramel and white chocolate pudding cooking in ... read more
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Very boring today sorry guys! Just got outta the shower so my hairs wet and im all fresh hehe had to get pics asap as James was heading out and I suck at taking them myself!! Cant wait till 2moror pay day ... read more
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Hai! Tuesday has arrived and I managed to throw something on after work hehe. Still nice and comfy for around home tonight i used our new pie maker for the first time and made bacon and egg pies for tea ... read more
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Lazy Sunday

Gah stoopid thing deleted my first post! Right so im tired and hungover today so my outfit is just something simple and comfy. I went out lastnight and it was rather interesting night (think gang members ... read more
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