This one time I was a Brunette

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Hey Everyone! How was your weekend? I had a pretty good weekend, got a bunch of stuff done Saturday before heading to a mates for drinks then we all went to see Blacklistt (a local NZ band with 4 members ... read more
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Black, Blue & Mesh

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Hey Everyone, hope your week is going well! It’s getting closer and closer to me leaving the Country for good soon, I think it’s really starting to hit me! My Contiki tour is booked, one way ... read more
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Feeling Girly in Polka Dots

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Hey Everyone! I hope you all had a great long weekend if you were in New Zealand. Myself and three of my girlfriends drove down to Queenstown for one last road trip before I head overseas. It was a ... read more
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Floral Bomber

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Hey Everyone, this is my last post for the week as first thing in the morning I am off to beautiful Queenstown tomorrow with 3 of my mates. Road Trip! haha I cannot wait to see the beautiful town once more ... read more
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Red and Blue Everywhere!

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Hey Everyone, hope your week is going well! I am busy busy as usual! So much to do and so little time – especially when I’m stuck at work 8 hours a day! Tomorrow is my Friday then myself and ... read more
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Lace Crop Top & Maxi Skirt

Hey Everyone, hope you’re all having a fab week! I am busy busy, working and trying to organise everything for my travels, I have so much stuff to sell and its soooooo time consuming taking pictures, ... read more
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