An Ode to being single

Hi, my name is Sarah, I’m about to turn 30, I just moved to the other side of the world and I’m single.


Society says I should probably freak out, cos you know, I’m old and my ovaries will shrivel and die soon. I say FUCK IT. Why should I freak out? Why should my life revolve around finding a partner? I see it everywhere, friends, colleagues, acquaintances dating……dating for the sake of company, for the sake of ‘getting a boyfriend’. When did having a boyfriend become a necessity? Why does having a partner mean you now ‘have it all’, you can be fully ‘happy’? I can be happy alone. I want to be. I have plenty of time to create a family and have a partner.


Don’t get my wrong moving to the other side of the world alone, knowing no-one wasn’t and still isn’t easy, Its lonely. I like cuddles, I like sex, I like hanging out. I do want to have a family and settle down BUT I don’t want my life to revolve around NEEDING a partner. I am in a relationship with myself. forever. I want to work on me, I want to be happy being me. I want to pursue my dreams while I can and while I can 100% focus on them. Yes, there will be days when I get lonely and may gaze at my flatmates cuddling and long for that myself, however, there is no rush, I don’t NEED it. I don’t need to go out and find the first guy who pays me any attention and make him my boyfriend.


I want my life to revolve around ME right now. I want to be happy with myself and enjoy my freedom while I can. I like to think the right guy will come along when and how he is supposed too. Why bother freaking out about it and trying to MAKE it happen in the mean time? Imma chill, hang with mates, make new mates, explore, travel, delve into my hobbies, work on myself and things will happen when the time is right. I mean, why torture yourself right? Im sure there might be some lonely nights spent feeling a bit blah but then I will remember everything that is positive in my life that I am grateful for and continue along the path. I want to live organically, let things happen naturally. I mean, if I feel like going on a dating site or dabbling on Tinder, why not, but I don’t feel the need to. I know my love life will work out when it’s meant to. I like to follow my gut and if something feels right then I’ll do it. I like feeling like I don’t HAVE to actively search for a boyfriend. They do say a partner usually pops along when you least expect it, so why not continue with life as normal and ride the wave :)


Chill. Focus on the present. Focus on what relationship you have now – including with yourself and enjoy those. Follow your hobbies, dreams, passions. Work on you. There’s no rush.

See you next week! xxx