5 Tips for getting through hard times

Hi guys, so life right now is…..troubled. Let’s put it that way. BUT being a health conscious being I do not like being stressed, worried, tired etc etc I am by no means an expert but I try my best to incorporate positive thinking, healthy food and rituals to help me through tough times. Lets face it, shit will happen. Do you want to hate every minute of it? Be depressed, stressed and tired? Or do you want to get through it as best you can, as positive as you can, as rested as you can so you don’t make it worse on yourself?

I choose the latter.

Shit happens, often shit happens all at once. That is what I am dealing with right now. ALOT of shit all happening at once, I kinda want to hide in a corner and come out once it is all over. But I cant. I also dont want the time to pass with me being a tired, grumpy, unhealthy, depressed stress head. What good does that do me? What good does that do others? What good does that do the situation/s I am in? I cannot control all of what s happening in my life right now BUT I can control how I deal with it and approach it.

5 tips to help you get through hard times:




1. Look after yourself.

Sometimes you don’t have time to fit everything in, that’s ok. It is only temporary. Get your sleep, drink plenty of water, exercise, eat as healthily as possible and try your best to avoid those bad habit foods and drinks when shit goes wrong – i’m talking about you alcohol and chocolate! More than likely you will just add to your stress as you will guilt trip yourself for indulging. However, there is nothing wrong with a bit of chocolate now and again – just don’t eat a block a day! If you cant fit in exercise, get back into it as soon as you can – even if its just taking the stairs instead of the lift or 5 minutes of yoga on your bedroom floor, you can get back into regular exercise once the storm has passed!




2. Perspective is everything.

Take a few deep breaths. Take a step back and look at the whole picture. Shit happens, to everyone and some stage. One shitty thing or a bunch of shitty things, it doesn’t matter, it WILL pass. You may have a time frame for the end or you may not. Things may be out of your control. What you can control is how you look at things. For me, things (should) be looking better in about 3 weeks. Whats 3 weeks in the grand scheme of things? I may not be able to be social, do the awesome Gala Darling course I am doing right now or do regular yoga for the next 3 weeks BUT after that I can. The world won’t end. Try not to focus too much on the shit, especially if it is out of your control. I you can do something about it, do that, if you cant, get on with your day and whatever s eant to happen will happen, you then deal with it then. Do not torture yourself with what ifs.





3. Surround yourself with positive people.

My parents are my two biggest rocks. I go to them for advice, just to unleash, anything. I always feel better afterwards. My friends are great to distract me and keep my mind of hard times, make me laugh. If you have spare time, message a mate, go see your parents, call someone. Have contact with people who you know will lift you up, make you laugh, give good advice. Don’t be afraid to reach out – that’s what friends and family are for!





4. Positive thinking

I get caught up inside my own head. I think about the worst case scenario, what if’s, I torture myself. Why? It is not easy to break mental habits but acknowledging them is a fantastic start, wanting to change the negative thoughts to positive ones is a step in the right direction. Practice makes perfect. Keep at it. Each time a what if, a negative thought pops into your head, make a habit of changing it into a positive. ‘So much shit is going wrong right now’ turns into ‘I am going to be so much stronger once I get through this shit’, just for an example. It helps trust me. Be grateful for what you do have, and know this to shall pass.





5. You time.

Read, listen to music, watch your favourite movie, do yoga, go for a walk, go shopping, do something you enjoy. Make time for yourself. Even if that is 5 minutes of reading a book, the time doesn’t matter it is about doing something you enjoy. This will lift your mood and make you feel better – even if its just for 5 minutes. Have alone time. Work on yourself.

And remember – perspective is everything.





I hope these tips help you through any hard times you may have, what tip do you resonate with the most?


See you next week xxx