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In Denial

Hey Everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. I had a pretty good one, played some pool with some mates, went to Beerfest Saturday (and drank Cider haha) went to a mates party Saturday night went out for ... read more
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Lace and Stripes

Hey Everyone, I thought I’d break up the posts of my adventures over February and March with some outfit pics, and yes my hair colour changes a lot haha.   I really love this outfit, stripes, ... read more
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Rapture 2014

Hey Everyone, another weekend gone too quickly We finally had our housewarming after moving in a month a go! It was good to catch up with mates and have a night in.   As you may know I went to a bunch ... read more
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Polka Dot Party

Hey Everyone, hope you’ve had a great week, so glad its the weekend again! I am having a quiet night tonight, a bit of pool at the local and I might treat myself to dessert!! I am dying for a sleep ... read more
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A Little Bit of Crochet

Hey Everyone, whoo hoo Friday! Its been my first full week back at work for a weeks and boy did it draaaaaaaaaaaag. I’m celebrating with a Cider in the sun, who knows what the rest of the night ... read more
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Baby I’m Back

Hey everyone! Finally got the freaking internet at home whew! You don’t realise how much you use it/need it/want it after not having it for so long. I can finally start planning for my big OE ... read more
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Hey Everyone! Just dropping in whilst using a mates Wifi to say hello and update you on where things are at!! I just got home early hours of this morning from a 5 day trip to Melbourne. First time in ... read more
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