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Cropped Lace & Leather

Hey Everyone, hope your week is going well. I’m on the countdown to the weekend – bring it on!! I couldn’t help styling this lace crop top from Boohoo again, this time I paired it with ... read more
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Denim & Stripes

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend, what did you get up to?   I travelled down to my hometown of Invercargill for just over 24 hours! I stayed at my mate Katie’s house, I met her ... read more
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Summer Playsuit

Hey Everyone, how are we? Some more pictures from Auckland today! It was a windy day – so frustrating! So excuse the wayward hair and playsuit!! Seriously though, such a cute playsuit and super ... read more
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Lace & Denim Overalls

Hey Everyone, change of scenery today, these pics were taken in Auckland while I was there for Christmas so a bit of a flashback! Mummy kindly took some pictures for me….so they’re kinda ... read more
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Different Lengths

Hey Everyone, hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was average as I was feeing crook for half of it Spent about 12 hours in bed on Saturday waaaaa. But anyway its Monday again whoo hoo! NOT. I’m ... read more
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Hey Everyone, hope you are enjoying your weekend! I have just finished a 6 day week back at work after two weeks off, ending in an 11 hour shift yesterday UGH! Needless to say I had a few drinks last night ... read more
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