Monthly Archives: November 2013

Head to Toe Leather

Hey everyone, how is your week going? Its getting to that time of year where everyone is super busy and there are lots of social events on….bring it on! I love that its going to be Summer soon, cant ... read more
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Casual Stripes & Leather

Hey Everyone, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty cruisy, hung out with some mates, slept and ate haha I wore this a few weeks ago when it was a bit colder, the weather doesn’t know what it wants ... read more
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Spring Red, White & Blue

Hey Everyone, TGIF! To be honest Im just looking forward to going to bed tonight and sleeping in haha – nana! I ventured out for a bit lastnight for dinner then headed to a Bachelor auction to raise ... read more
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Black and Gold

Hey Everyone, hope you all had a great weekend! I had a fun day at the races on Saturday but managed to catch a cold somehow which was unfortunate! I hate getting colds when the weather it warm it seems ... read more
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Checks Vs Stripes

Hey everyone, how was your weekend? I had a pretty good one, headed up to Auckland for my end of year black tie work do/awards night. Was great to catch up with colleagues up there and have fun with ... read more
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