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Purple Hair!

Hi Lovelies! T minus like a few hours before we leave for Thailand!! Although as your reading this I will be in the air! I was going to do a few posts in advance but alas I have ran out of time ... read more
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Denim Jacket

Hi Lovelies! One more sleep till we are off to Thailand so exciting! If you want to follow my overseas adventures then follow me for Instagram I will be sure to post some awesome pictures hehe.   ... read more
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Lace and Leather

Hi Lovelies, hope your week is going well! Three more sleeps and we will be heading to Thailand for two weeks! Getting rather excited hehe. I will be sure to pop a few posts up for while I am away so you ... read more
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Rocking A bit of Orange

Hi Lovelies, how was your weekend? We had our house warming last night, it was good fun, we got cheesecake and booze for presents so cant go wrong hehe. We had a big clean up today though as we have a ... read more
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Pink Peplums

Hi Lovelies, Hope you are all having a fab week, one more working day then its the weekend yay! I went out for a buffet dinner with the bf, my Dad and Brother last night….stuffed myself haha was good ... read more
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An Eclectic Mix

Hi Lovelies, did you have a good weekend? Mine wasn’t bad. I got my hair done Saturday, I pretty much ruined it when I dyed it purple by bleaching my own regrowth which then went a gross ... read more
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Pastels & Peplums

Hello Lovelies, can you believe its almost the weekend again? Don’t you just love short weeks?! I do! The weather is definitely starting to cool down here so looking at these pictures is making me ... read more
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Studs and Camo

Hello lovelies, nearly half way through the week already, don’t you just love short weeks? You may have noticed I also love studs, I have certainly built up my studded clothes/shoes collection! ... read more
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One Shoulder

Hi Lovelies, hope you all had a lovely easter! We got back from Auckland yesterday, we went to James’s Mums for a family dinner then headed to a mates who was having a few drinks. Today we have done ... read more
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