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Down with the Sickness

Hi lovelies, after the bf has been very sick twice now (and still is) this winter I have caught the bug AGAIN also Luckily I got a flu jab through work so it hasnt hit me as hard but I hate not feeling ... read more
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Light and Dark

Hi Lovelies, nearly another weekend whoo hooo! Not sure I’ll be up to much as the bf is ve sick with the flu at the moment, so might be alot of movie watching going on! Thats fine though as August is ... read more
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Pink, stripes & Leather

Hi Lovelies, another weekend nearly over. Ive had a pretty cruisy weekend. A bit of pampering in the form of a massage and facial, good ol house hold chores and groceries, movie watching and catching up ... read more
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Hey hey, nearly the weekend again whoo hoo! Ive got a few things planned, catching up with friends, chores and Ive got a massage and a facial booked. I hate taking pictures inside because the lighting is ... read more
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Sun Spots

Hi Lovelies, I think Im on the mend from my flu/cold. I hope so anyway its driving me insane. I hate not being able to get to the gym and do my normal week day routine! Anywho these are presick pictures of ... read more
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Antonio Hall Shoot

Hi hi! As promised here are some of the shots from the photoshoot I did recently at Antonio Hall, its a massive abandoned building here in Christchurch that used to be a boarding school. Kinda creepy and ... read more
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