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Fur Dah-ling

Hi Lovelies, sorry about the absence over the blog this week, doing a different shift so havent found too much extra time to blog, between work, gym and working on my assignment! Nevertheless Im here now ... read more
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Winter Brights

Hi Lovelies, Hope your week is going well so far, on the downward slope to the weekend now yay! Im working a different shift the next two weeks so just getting used to that, its mucking with my eating ... read more
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Like a Leopard

Hello Lovelies, hope you all had a fab weekend. Mine was pretty good, lotsa movies, gym with mates and a 21st. I picked up these leggings along with floral ones awhile ago, they are super comfy and fab for ... read more
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The Stars Have It

Hi everyone, thank you all for your kind comments on my previous post, means alot. As I dont see Boris very often it hasnt really hit me yet that hes gone….I think it will hit me when I go to Mum and ... read more
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A Time to Morn

Something a bit different today. Our loved family pet Boris the dog – a Jack Russell passed away today peacefully :(  Hes been in our family for a long time, around 17 years!! He will be sadly ... read more
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Hi Hi! Todays outfit is kinda similar to yesterdays….but different….got the leopard, got the studs….minus the ruffles but meh minor detail lol. Im pretty into necklaces over shirts if you ... read more
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Leopard, Studs & Ruffles

Hi everyone, another week has begun! Im doing a slightly later shift at work this week so i get a bit of a sleepin but I find myself wanting to get up earlier to get things done…but not wanting to ... read more
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Shades of Green & Blue

Hi my lovelies, Im back at home from my work trip to Auckland. I must say….I love my bed haha. I had an enjoyable week away, lots of free food and drink and meeting lots of new people at work, ... read more
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In Brief – My Birthday

Hi lovelies, just a quick post as in Auckland and using free net for 30 minutes in hotel! I had a fab Bday dinner with my parents then had a cheeky drink or two with a mate and my workmate after. This is ... read more
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