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My First Video!!

Hi Lovelies, FINALLY I have a video for you! My gosh it took forever to upload and me and technology arent good friends haha. I did a video last week but had to make a shorter one so I could put it on ... read more
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Remember that Time

Hi Lovelies, remeber that time we had a house warming? I showed you a sneak peek of my outfit and here is the original! Pastel purple, leather, hearts, studs what more could you want? Hells – Jeffrey ... read more
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Video Issues

Hey Lovelies, well I finally filmed by video for the blog but now I have no idea how to put it on here! Im such a complete noob when it comes to technology…I tried using the blogger insert a video ... read more
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Sneak Peek – New Hair!

This picture does not do it justice at all!!!! I ran out of time today to do a video for you guys but I will do it tomorrow and hopefully get it up tomorrow so stay tuned – you will get to see my new ... read more
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Matchy Matchy

Hi Lovelies, well another week half gone. Or for me its Friday tomorrow haha. Getting my hair did Friday so looking forward to that – I may or may not get another colour in my hair By the way yes it ... read more
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Black Patterns

Hi Lovelies, did you have a nice weekend? I had to work yesterday and was at work with two others when a 4.7 aftershock hit – not cool! I like that working sundays means today is my Tuesday already ... read more
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White & Electric Blue

Hi Lovelies, I had a fab day off today, had a couple of appointments then caught up with a good mate for some sushi and a spot of shopping. I picked up some great bargains! I was thinking of doing a vloggy ... read more
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Short & Sweet

Hi Lovelies, Thank you all for your sweet comments on my last post I alwasy read and appreciate any comments. Only 3 photos today because my silly camera batteries decided to die….you get the picture ... read more
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Mesh and Leather

Hi Lovelies, another week down, geez where does the time go? I had to work yesterday which was a shock to the system – work at 8.30am on a Sunday = UGH. Not to mention after a horrendous ... read more
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