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Scenic Surrounds

Hi Lovelies, apologies for the delay in posts but I ended up going home from work sick Friday and couldnt manage much else but lying on the couch in front of the TV, I then had to work 8am – 6pm ... read more
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In Brief

Hi all! Im back from a lovely wee holiday in Queenstown with the bf. I have sooo many pictures so I will start off today with some snippets, then an outfit for you tomorrow (a sneek peek below!) We had a ... read more
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A Serious Issue

Hi Lovelies, While I am having a fabulous time in Queenstown I have something a bit different on the blog. Today I have a guest post from Jackie Clark. The topic is Cancer…..and fashion! Have a read ... read more
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Giving Back

Hi Lovelies! TGIF, its been a long week. I go to post today and Blogger has changed eeeek! Gonna take a bit to get used to this me thinks. Anywho Im feeling pretty good today, Ive owned the gym this week ... read more
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Lace on Lace

Why hello lovelies, did we all have a fun weekend? I caught up with a mate who was down and went out with him and the girls for a bit of a dance and a drive up the hills which overlook Christchurch, fun ... read more
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Life Lately

Hello my lovelies, somethign a bit different today – some snaps into what Ive been up to lately! We finally had our house warming recently and we road tripped it to Hanmer Springs (about 1.5 hours ... read more
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Flower Power

Hi Lovelies, yay for short weeks much! Nearly the weekend again already whoo hoo! I have a Tuppaware party to attend at a friends house just down the road tomorrow then a girls night out Saturday, got a ... read more
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