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Goof Off

Hello Lovelies, Friday has arrived thank god!! Quite looking forward to April really, 4 day weekend next week for easter then going to Queenstown with the boy on 21st yay! These are some more pics from our ... read more
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Nerd Alert

Hi my loves, today I bring you outfit photos with some rather large glasses, I wanted to try some bigger glasses and got these pretty cheap. Im not sold on the look though…..they are cute Im just not ... read more
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Peachy Keen

Heloo, hello. I dont really know what colour to call this top, I just know I like it haha. Its sheer, it has a pussy bow what more can you want? Not sure why I look so grumpy in these pictures but hey we ... read more
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Red Hot

Hey hey, guess what? I did a good deed today. I gave blood! I have never done it before, one of the guys at work arranged everything and a group of us went to the NZ Blood offices and we gave some blood. I ... read more
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Glimpses of my Weekend

HI Lovelies, I was meaning to post this yesterday but didnt quite get the time. I got up to a few things in the weekend and thought I’d post some pictures of what I got up to. On Saturday it was one ... read more
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A touch of leather

Hi Lovelies, what a gorgeous Autmn day it is today!! Its like 27 degrees outside, love it. Perfet day to hang out with some kiddies as it was my friends boys second birthday I didnt wear this as Im still ... read more
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Oh Hai Lovelies! How is your week going? Im gearing up for the weekend – Im doing my first City to Surf eeeeek. In case you dont know what that is its walk/run/jog from the city to the surf (beach) ... read more
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Hi my lovelies, what a great weekend its been here, its Autumn and it was 27 Degrees today! Hopefully the warmer weather continues for a bit longer, Im so not ready for winter yet! I picked this dress up ... read more
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The Joys of Moving

Hi Lovelies, Im back yay! Nearly two weeks to get the internet sorted….my god. Amyway I wont go on about that we are now pretty settled out our new place. Ive taken it as a good opportunity to have a ... read more
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