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Pink and Red

Hi Lovelies, how are we? Only two more days till my 4 day weekend starts eeeee so excited! I treated myself today to some Converse All Stars. Ive been wanting some for ages so finally bit the bullet and ... read more
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Comfy Casual

Hello hello, another week gone by and hello Monday! Not too bad for a Monday today, work was quiet but still went quite fast luckily! I hit the gym for a Xfit class and just chillaxing, Im looking forward ... read more
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Soooo time to hit the rewind button. Ya’ll know Im super behind on my outfit pics because of the stupid earthquake last year (serial its been nearly a year and Im still trying to catch up!) BUT I ... read more
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Black and White

Hello Lovelies, a classic black and white outfit for you today! I kind of ruined the classic look with pigtails but meh haha. I loved using the belt off a pair of shorts for a funky pussy bow tie look So ... read more
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Nearly that time again

Hey Lovelies, well its nearly been a year since the Christchurch earthquake forced us to move out of our home and into one that wouldnt collapse and kill us when another aftershock hit! Can you ... read more
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A Picnic

Hai lovelies, how was your weekend? I didnt do alot, caught up with fellow blogger Julia from Porcelain Complexion for a drink on Saturday which was great, love meeting new people and especially one who ... read more
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Stripes and Denim

Hello hello, man am I over Blogger. I cant open some pages, I can’t comment on some pages and I assume people are having the same problem with my blog Hope it gets sorted soon. So Im not snobbing you ... read more
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