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Im Off!

Campsite, Lake Rerewhakaaitu, near Rotorua
Hey folks, I am off camoing today for New Years. The last two years we have gone camping for a few days so we are doing it once again this year. Bit of a change of location this year though we are heading ... read more
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Please Stop

Dear Mother Nature, please leave me and my friends and family alone we are pretty much sick of your shit!! If you didnt know I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. We have been hit by two large earthquakes ... read more
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The Beginning

Hurro lovelies, another Monday nearly down and the last working Monday for the year for me yay! 4 more days of work to go then I have a two week break – les hope summer decides to show itself soon. I ... read more
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Hey Lovelies, how are we all? Can you believe its like a week until Christmas? Carazy!! It would be great if the weather actually acted like summer cos then it may feel more like Christmas, this last week ... read more
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Hi Lovelies, today is not a good day The neigbours Mother appears to be away and her teenage son has taken it upon himself to invite over about 40 odd kids and have massive rowdy parties the last two ... read more
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Sneak Peek!

Hey lovelies, here it is – a sneak peek of my new RED hair – yes you were right Kirsten and my funky makeup for a photoshoot I did today, cant wait to show you guys some pics when they are ... read more
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Red, grey and Dots

Oh hello there lovely ladies…..boy it feels good for a Monday for once – only because I didnt work today nor am I tomorrow hell to the yeah! Today me and the boy went out to Pegasus and hit ... read more
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Hi Lovelies, how is your weekend going? Ive got the next two days off work so 4 day weekend for me yay! We had a date night Friday night then the bf’s work do last night, was fun we went to the races ... read more
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