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My first Jumpsuit

Hey lovelies, how are we all? Jumpsuits have taken awhile to turn up in New Zealand…..and its taken me awhile to find one I like that I think is flattering. I found this puppy in Valley Girl of all ... read more
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Hey hey lovely ladies, I have an outfit post for you today whoo hoo! On the Tuesday when we were in the Gold Coast we went to a place called Draculas. Its pretty famous over those ways….its a Caberet ... read more
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Wet and Wild

Hello Lovelies, this is the last lot of holiday pictures for you then onto outfit pictures from Aussie The third and last theme park we went to was Wet n Wild, was interesting walking around in a bikini ... read more
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Jet skiing and Strippers

Hey lovelies, some more holiday pics yay! Today we have Jet skiing and a night out at the clubs. We scored a deal for unlimited drinks and food for two hours saweeeeet. It also happened to be girls night ... read more
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Movie Characters & Flying

Hey lovelies, some more pics from our holiday in the Gold Coast today, we crammed in so much so lots to show! We went to three theme parks, the second we went to was Movie World. It was pretty cool! Think ... read more
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Hello my lovelies, apologies for not posting this yesterday I was otherwise engaged with a date night – lovely dinner at home followed by movie (Breaking Dawn) then some desert! As Ive mentioned my ... read more
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Hi Lovelies, sorry about the wee break, I flew to Auckland on Thursday, worked in Auckland Friday then had our big staff work do Friday night! I then flew home Saturday and had a wee nap before heading to ... read more
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An Aussie Night Out

Hi Lovelies, I have an outfit post for you from my trip away today The first day we got there was a Saturday so we dolled up and headed out to check out the town! I put on a LBD I havent worn yet, a bit of ... read more
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Rallying and Animals!

Hi Lovelies, some more pictures in brief from our trip to the Gold Coast today – trust me I have ALOT its hard to break them down into a few for each activity. On the Monday we went out to Pimpama to ... read more
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In Brief

Hi my lovelies, I have arrived back home hurray! Soooo good to be back in our own bed!! Our holiday to Australia’s Gold Coast was amazing. The weather was perfect – it rained for all of about 6 ... read more
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