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The Final Countdown

Hi Lovelies, Happy Halloween! We dont really celebrate much here in New Zealand, mostly the thing to do is dress up parties haha but my friends arent really into that sort of thing and personally I am not ... read more
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New Stuffs

Hi lovelies, hope your weekend is going well. Just a quick post to show you what I brought today. The boy wanted togo down to Bunnings and I decided to tag along and hit Numr 1 Shoes….perhaps a bit ... read more
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A Bit of Navy

Hey Lovelies, how is your week going? We’ve been having some Parade’s here in NZ celebrating the All Blacks winning the RWC. Unfortunately I was at work so couldnt make the one in Christchurch ... read more
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What $10 gets you

Hi Lovelies! Man I love long weekends….I keep thinking today is Monday and its awesome when I click its Tuesday haha – that much closer to the weekend already! My long consisted of catching up ... read more
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We are the Champions!!

Hi Lovelies, hope you all had a fab weekend! Well Im sure you’ve all heard that the Rugby World Cup has been in full swing here in New Zealand well the finaly was lastnight and New Zealand is the ... read more
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All Sorts

Hi Lovelies! TGIF huh? And a long weekend ahead yay! I havent got much planned at this stage, heading to a party with a friend soonies then getting my hair did tomorrow – and of course the Rugby ... read more
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Leopards and Turtles

Hi Lovelies, how are we all? Animals are the topic of the day….well kinda. I picked up this Leopard print blazer from Dotti recently for half off – yay! annnnd scroll down further and you will ... read more
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More polka dots

Hi Lovelies, thank you all for your kind comments I really appreciate it! Its weird how my hair looks different shades of pink in different lights and when straight or wavy….cant see it much today ... read more
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