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Pussy Bowing

Hi Lovelies, doesnt that title sound kind of dirty? Or do I just have an immature sense of humour? Yeah probably just me haha. I love pussy bows I think they add something extra to a simply shirt and ... read more
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Rock On

Hey Lovelies, hope your week has started well. Its getting rather cold waaaaa I hate being cold. I wore this outfit to a mates 21st recently, I reckon its a bit of a rock n roll outfit with the leather ... read more
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Black, White and Grey

Hello Lovelies, Monday is upon us again. I arrived home lastnight from Auckland, our plane was delayed and then I got woken up by a big aftershock Not a very good welcome home I must say. Ugh. Life goes on ... read more
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Leather Look

Hello Lovelies! I am coming to you from Sky City Hotel in Auckland, im working up here for the week then heading to my parents on Friday for the weekend to catch up and hang, looking forward to it! I am ... read more
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Hello Lovelies, socks you say? I love socks. Knee high socks are great when the weather is cooling down to keep my legs a bit warmer. I wore this outfit to a friends birthday drinks…..unfortunately ... read more
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Grey and Olive

Hey Lovelies, how are we all? Its another weekend, and after the horrible aftershocks this week im glad for some time to relax and chill!! Got woken by a big aftershock about 6.30 this morning which kinda ... read more
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Flowers and Studs

Oh Hurro Lovelies. Nearly the weekend agaon already yay! Although the boy is going away so maybe not yay…..but then again its always good to have time to do stuff I never seem to have time for and to ... read more
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