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Its June!

Hey Lovelies, no outfit post today I thought since it is now officially half way through the year I would reflect on my  Resolutions I made in January and see how I have progressed! 1. Have Better ... read more
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I love socks and Wedges

Hey lovelies! Another gorgeous day here in Christchurch, although it is definately hitting winter. This outfit if from one of those random hot days in May. Im one of those people who can get really cold ... read more
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Buddha Stix

Hey Lovelies how was your weekend? Mine was pretty cruisy, just chilled out Friday night and watched a movie, mucked round Saturday then hit a mates 21st Saturday night……good night but I got ye ... read more
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Romantic Tones

Hey Lovelies Friday has finally arrived yay! Looking forward to a sleep in tomorrow I must say. Had some drinkies after work today which was nice, good to be able to relax at work with my workmates, now ... read more
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Mixing it Up

Hey Lovelies, my Blogger is still all weird in Internet Expolorer…..very annoying. Sometimes I wish I was a computer nerd so I could fix it all myself! I am enjoying experimenting with fashion and a ... read more
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Lace and Army Styles

Hey Lovelies, my computer is being a spaz AGAIN. Gah. Serial. Not cool! When I go to Blogger in Internet Explorer its all weird up the top and doesnt have the buttons to get to my dashboard so I couldnt do ... read more
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Hey Lovelies, I picked up this shirt with a hood (and pockets!!) awhile ago, I love the colour and its just something simple yet different. Since its a shirt with a hood I renamed it a snood hehe yup ... read more
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Rise Up

Hey Lovelies, how was your weekend? I hope you managed to check out the Telethon on Maori TV or online. Me friend and I popped down the road to CBS Arena and checked out what was happening, we saw lots of ... read more
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Purple and White

Hey lovelies, I hope you all had a chance to read my post from yesterday, any help would be much appreciated. Im currently watching Police Ten Seven on TV and it has footage of the aftermath of the ... read more
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