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Pencil Skirt

Very creative title today huh? It feels like Friday for me today as Ive got tomorrow off……but I have to work Saturday so kinda lame…..oh well! These pics are from ages ago of course, I ... read more
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Lake Tekapo

Hi loves, finally my last day of our trip away last weekend. We slept in on the Sunday and packed up then wandered into town and got some lunch to take away from the bakery then hit the road. We drove to ... read more
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Florals and Maxis

Second day of work down today, was pretty much back to normal. I even managed to bike today which was interesting! Bit of a slalom with roadworks and lanes closed due to earthquake damage and of course ... read more
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Pink and Red

Happy Monday lovlies! My first official day back at work today was interesting. Rather weird to be back and of course weird as its a completely new building since our old one is still in the red zone. Its ... read more
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Hey lovlies, me and the boy have just got back from a weekend away in sunny Twizel about a 3.5hour drive from Christchurch. It was lovely to get away from the city and the aftershocks for a few days. We ... read more
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Purple and nude

Or beige, whatever you want to call it really. I really like this outtfit, simple yet dressy. Just a quick note today me and the boy are off on an adventure down to Twizel to stay at my aunties cottage. ... read more
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My first Giveaway win!

Hey lovlies, just thought I’d share with you the first ever blog giveaway I won. I was rather excited and I won it while we were going through the deadly 6.3 magnitude Earthquake here in Christchurch ... read more
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Hey lovlies, this week has gone so fast I cant believe it! Nearly the weekend and me and the boy are off for a weekend away at my aunties cottage – cant wait! I took these pics weeks ago kinda forgot ... read more
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Rainbow Bright

Hey folks, Happy Hump Day :P  It was a rather hot day the day I wore this outfit and I felt like being bright so I teamed a red singlet with my bright blue flats with a black mini inbetween to break ... read more
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Flower Power

OMG. Is all I have to say right now, Ive been trying for like over an hour to upload pics and Im sorry but im giving up, seriously I have other things to do so today folks only two ... read more
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