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Im Okay

Im sure by now all of you from around the world have heard my current home of Christchurch, New Zealand has AGAIN been struck by a devastating earthquake. I am happy to report myself and my family are all ... read more
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Cars Cars Cars

Hey folks, sorry I didnt get to update yesterday I was rather tired and sun burnt lol. I spent my weekend surrounded by cars of varying makes and models. If ya didnt know I LOVE cars. So I thought it would ... read more
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Fruitful Trees

Yup, thats how I roll there is a fruit tree behind me and that is my title, yup. Anywho yay its Friday! So over work for this week and looking forward to a full weekend of stuff lined up. I hope the ... read more
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Bright Leopards

Got ya! Its really just a bright leopard print top Im feeling a bit blah about these photos but I thought I’d post them anyways……was a super comfy outfit, nice and simple with a ... read more
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Double Bows

Hey lovelies! Hope you all had a lovely Valentines day and your week is going great. I really wanted to wear this green top with these shorts but when I put them on I realised I’d be wearing two ... read more
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Happy Valentines day my dear followers! Ive had a great day so far, got a heart shaped balloon and some chocolates at work then went out for dinner at a local restaurant  with the boy it was ... read more
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Pre Valentines Day

Look at me doing a pre valentines day post how cheesy am I? Sorry to my single followers I wont be mushy I promise! Ive had another fairly cruisy weekend, quite nights in and catching up with friends and a ... read more
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Arent my titles awesome? Again me taking my own pictures so a bit far away but its a pretty simple outfit so ya get the picture Ive worn this top/dress before as a dress with tights so I though I’d ... read more
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I bought this dress for $10…..Im not convinced I like it now hmmmmmm. I think I’d rather wear it as a top with a high waist skirt me thinks. Or I may sell it on Trademe to fuel more ... read more
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Hello lovlies! Lately I have been obsessed with buying cheap clothes on Trademe. I cant help myself, Its kinda scary because I cant try them on but im getting things so cheap! I have bought 3 skirts so far ... read more
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