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What power?

We were without power yesterday for 12 hours! So stressfull as we didnt know what was wrong, power company hadnt done it and couldnt see any faults and we couldnt get ahold of the Landlord. As you may know ... read more
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Flower Power

Alas it is Friday again! Not much planned for the weekend, I have a PT session at the gym tomorrow then I have to help my friend move her stuff out of the place she shared with her bf The we are going to ... read more
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I love wedges!!

I had a random day off work today in the middle of the week. I hit the gym then went to visit my friend and her cute wee bubba, then I set about getting down to some serious shopping!! Theres a few things ... read more
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Im not good with scarves other than to tie it round my kneck in the usual way….which is boring! I decided I couldnt do a completely black so I chose to wear my Blazer with blue sleeves and try out my ... read more
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Pink socks!

Great weekend! Dinner Friday night then Saturday I went paintballing for the first time, its a good workout lol. I managed to shoot a couple of people, I wanted to shoot more but I ran out of bullets I now ... read more
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Birthday Boy

Right its finally Friday! I shoudl really be in bed but thought I’d whip out a post as I wont be on till at least sunday! Its the boys bday today Happy Birthday baby xoxoxo hehe We went round to his ... read more
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Ive gone dotty!

Not really just my stockings hehe. Two more days to go till the weekend yay! Its gonna be busy from tomorrow on, im looking forward to it though nice to have stuff to do for once lol. I wanted a good week ... read more
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Time for a good week!

Monday again. Time for a good week me thinks…..not starting off well so far though, I have the mad blister on my heel from god knows what, I got a dress in the mail from Trademe that she charged me ... read more
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The Forgotten Outfit

Im pretty sure (I have posted the same outfit twice before) that I havent posted this outfit, I wore this out to teat with my family a few weeks ago. Good ol lace again hehe. My weekend hasnt been anything ... read more
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