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Bargain Shopping FTW!

Ive been shopping quite alot lately but I have been doing alot of bargain shopping and finding lots of good deals which I love! Makes me not feel so bad shopping so much haha. I picked up this cute skirt ... read more
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New Dress!

I picked up this new dress for under $40 I wasnt sure about the colour cos I thought it might wash me out but ive grown to like it! Although I think it may be different when im wearing just the dress ... read more
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Lace and suspenders

I wore this to a mates party a few weeks ago. I now have two of these skirts – one in grey and one in navy hehe. You can wear them without the suspenders but i think they’re so cute! Boots ... read more
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Honey, Im home!

Im back after my wild night out in Auckland on Friday! It was awesome! My work sure knows how to put on  a do!! It was at Vector Arena in Auckland which holds 12,000 people. We had seating right in ... read more
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On the road again

As my title suggests I am indeed off on a plane again….back to Auckland! Just for one night though but it’ll be a good night! I work till 1pm tomorrow then we are bussed to the airport and ... read more
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Me and the bf went to see Eclipse lastnight. It was ok, nothing special I can tell you one thing though Kristen Stewart is sooo annoying with her lip licking and constant gob open two front teetch showing ... read more
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Roses are….black

This skirt is too big for me but I had to have it! I love the colours and tiered look. I know ive been wearing my leather jacket heaps too but I cant resisit it goes with so much! Boots – The ... read more
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Friday has arrived! I started off with an hour long meeting at work which wasnt particularly enjoyable….day went kinda slow too but all good im home now! I made some yummy vege soup mmmm so good for ... read more
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I love zips and lace!

Oh how I love lace and zips – especially together! Its finally the middle of the week so only two more working days till the weekend yay! We are having a competition at work and so far I have won ... read more
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Show us ya waist coat

I never really see any other bloggers wearing waiscoats or vests of whatever you want to call them…..but I dont care I think its cute! Its so comfy and it just adds something more to the outfit Jeans ... read more
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