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So I had this massive post nearly finished yesterday and then I went and hit refresh…..why u ask? Cos im a dumbass!! So I’ll cut it short cos im lazy hehe. I have two job interviews next week ... read more
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Skinny Lace

Yay its Friday!! This Autumn so far has been very mild Im loving it!! I was greatful for one last chance to wear my lace singlet I wore this yesterday, im a bit behind hehe. Im looking forward to the ... read more
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Hey hey. Yesterday it was me and the boys two year anniversary hehe I loves him! Instead of going out we decided to stay in and have a nice home cooked meal Heres the table I had set up hehe. Looked better ... read more
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Black Jackets….

Rule? haha. This is my new jacket: Exscuse the crappy pictures, its getting dark so early now it sux I decided to just wear my new jacket with some coloured tights and heels hehe Jacket – Shanton ... read more
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