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All In a Pile

Yay finally another weekend! And next week is a short week yusss. Nothing exciting to report today……another crappy day at work then walked home and washed my car lol. Now im sitting watching a ... read more
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Dont go Summer!

Its getting colder and colder here as we lead into winter……dont go summer! I hate getting up when its dark and cold Today started off cold and dark then blossomed into quite a hot sunny day! I ... read more
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Hey peeps, My god applying for jobs is so time consuming and draining I am determined to perservere though until I have a new job. I know that my health will be so much better off! I am just taking each ... read more
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Black and White yo!

Hey peeps. I will admit I am actually behind in my outfits hehe this is from last week but it is the last so from 2moro it will be actually what I am wearing that day! Today was actually really hot so I ... read more
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Hey everyone! Hope you have all had a great weekend I have had a pretty good one, cleaned up the house yesterday then spent the rest of the afternoon driving around to various shops getting things we ... read more
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Yay Its finally Friday!! This is an outfit I wore a few days ago…..I wanted a few long singlets to wear with my jeans and tights and I picked this stripey one up from Cotton On. The pic isnt that ... read more
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Back to Normal….

….and new stuff!! This is what I wore on my way back from Auckland, something comfy for the plan ride! I love my new top I think its really cute hehe. Im not good with accesories or doing my hair so ... read more
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I saw Lady Gaga!

Last weekend me and my friend hopped on a plane again and went to Auckland to see Lady gaga live in concert. It was epic!! Ive never been to anything like it in my life. We flew up late Friday – ... read more
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My first Trip!

A few weeks ago me and my friend went to Wellington for the weekend. We got cheap flights last year and thought why not! We arrived about lunch time and proceeded to go shopping I didnt find too much ... read more
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