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Different Scenery

The weekend is nearly over Only a four day working week this week though yay! Saturday I went for a walk/run around Hagley park – I ran the furtherest I have so far yay me! I then went to the mall to ... read more
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To the Maxx!

I bought this Maxi dress a few weeks ago so thought i’d wear it today. Its a size too big so I teamed it with a belt. I love the purple flowers on it and the top is nice and flattering. Im so glad ... read more
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Bows and Flowers

Another scorcher in Christchurch today I decided to wear my cute flowery dress with my bow belt hehe. I love the pockets too! I tried it without the belt too but I think I prefer it with the belt Finally a ... read more
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Red and Grey?

ANother sweltering 30 degrees in Christchurch today! I wanted to wear my cute red Lion top, I was gonna pair it with one of my black skirts but decided to try it with my grey one instead what do you think? ... read more
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Im melting!

Wow. It was 31 degrees in Christchurch today. So hot. I was wearing pants, socks, shoes, and two tops at work = not cool. Will dress a bit lighter tomorrow! It was so hot today I couldnt be arsed making a ... read more
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Hump day! Only two more days of work for the week yay! So looking forward to this weekend, its gonna be a mint one! Car show, drags, cruising, 21st, drinking YAH hehe. A couple of things wrong with my ... read more
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I love Pigtails

I love wearing my hair in pigtails hehe I get headaches from wearing my hair up so its perfect to have it all out of my face and not dragging me down and giving me a headache! Ive decided im going to start ... read more
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Love and Lace

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Me and the boy went for dinner at Flying Burrito Brothers I got a free strawberry margarita yay I wanted an exscuse to wear my new lace top hehe. It was great to be able to ... read more
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I accidentally went shopping again on Saturday whoops – but I found this cute as bow belt! I had to wear it hehe. I really was hoping for some feedback on my post from friday but I just gotta keep ... read more
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