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Auckland Christmas

So i flew to Auckland on boxing day to spend some time with my family, had a second chrissy dinner that night then went into town and met a friend got me a taste of the Auckland nightlife – was ave ... read more
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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Havent posted for a few days so Im gonna post some pics of my outfits the kast few days. The bf got me a new camera for Chrissy – I thought he might have so YAY! Anyway ... read more
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IM ON HOLIDA YAY! Last day of work today thank god, time to relax and have some time to myself and my bf. It doesnt feel like im holiday yet, im sure it will start to feel like it 2moro though Getting all ... read more
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One day to go!

Finally its Friday tomorrow! Well for me anyway last day of work for two and a half weeks yay! Its been rather busy at work the last few days so it’ll prob fly by. After that im gonna be in holiday ... read more
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Last Monday

Today was the last Monday I will be working for a few weeks yussss! Two more days of work till I finally get a decent holiday – cant wait! Today was rather un eventful, worked, gymed then made a mean ... read more
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Weekend Antics

Hurro people! So this weekend I finished off my christmas shopping and went a bit nuts on myself haha. I got a new face care range and not one but THREE new pairs of shoes hehe. I totally will wear them ... read more
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Free Stuff!

Today I started the day off with a free pack of Olive goodies from the Courier – shower gel, handcream, lip gloss etc Have no idea where its from, Ive entered alot of competitions so its bound to be ... read more
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Kicking Arse

So today I went to my first Fight Do class at the gym – not sure if I’ll go again, everyone else had been heaps before and i felt like a retard all unco and not knowing what to do ... read more
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Monday Monday

Whoa today was rather busy for a Monday! Work started off not so great when i rocked up at 7.30am and had forgotten my keys to get in grrrr had to borrow a car and rush home and get my keys. Phones were ... read more
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